Dieter Krause

The godfather of Hidden Recordings, and still a bit of a mystery to the general public, Dieter Krause is a main reason to the label’s rise to prominence.   A gifted ear, he hears things no one else can, which can be traced to love for music from all different genres and time periods.  The love for all types of music has helped him become one of the premier mastering engineers in techno.  No two tracks are the same, and his meticulous approach to mastering is why he is responsible for the entire label’s mastering.  Through it all, he always receives high praise from the discerning techno community, including all of the artists and high profile remixers to work with the label.

 He’s been working with Deepak in the studio since the inception of the label, and the duo were the first artists featured on the label.  But it was their last release that’s widely considered a masterpiece, “Wolkenreise” was first the brainchild of Dieter and it grew from there with the help of Deepak.

The duo is busy focusing on the artists of the label, but will soon be back in the studio working on tracks and remixes as their fans are getting a restless for what’s next.