Mike Wall

A key piece in the growth of the label, Mike made his first appearance on a Hidden Recordings release with a remix on M.A.D.A. + Plankton’s ‘Antiz’ EP in July 2011.  It wasn’t long before the label asked Mike for a release, leading to his memorable vinyl in February 2012, titled ‘Out of Fire’ EP with Xhin (CLR, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Prologue) and Splatter remixes.  Mike’s style is distinct; multi-various deep techno with a sense of depth and sophistication combined with grime and toughness. The release is still talked about today amongst the fans of the label and will go down in label lore as one of the best.  Following up this release was a hard task, but somehow Mike and the label achieved it with the label’s most ambitious project to date – an artist album, titled “Different Colours” in January of 2013.   Mike then made his debut at the label’s Rough and Tumble label night on Saturday January 18th, 2013.