The conduit to Hidden’s connection in Marseille and beyond, Plankton and Deepak first spoke after Plankton charted Deepak and Dieter’s remix of Jubilee’s track ‘Histamine’.  Deepak easily recognized Plankton’s name since he was a big fan and the two started speaking about a possible release.  From there, “Antiz” was born with Plankton teaming up with fellow Marseille friend, M.A.D.A. and the double pack vinyl featured a bevy of talented remixers including Sasha Carassi, Mike Wall, Michael Schwarz, Felix Bernhardt and A. Trebor.

However, it is Plankton’s epic follow-up release in March 2012 titled, ‘Edding’ where the talented producer left his undeniable mark on the label.  The remarkable release captures Hidden in all it’s glory – dangerous, unrelenting techno that is uncut and unsweetened.  When techno heavyweight, Mark Broom (Blueprint) decided to remix the release title, the release entered a whole new stratosphere with the label following, catapulting the release into the Top 50 downloads on the Beatport Techno chart.  Next up for the gifted producer is an artist album and additional release and remix duties.  Fans really showed their appreciation for him as they came out in droves for his debut at the wild label night, Rough and Tumble on November 17th, 2012.