[046HR] – Roaring Twenties with Inigo Kennedy Remix

Deepak Sharma


4 Tracks

Roaring Twenties

Deepak Sharma

Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties (Inigo Kennedy Remix)

Deepak Sharma, Inigo Kennedy

Roaring Twenties

Lost Generation

Deepak Sharma

Roaring Twenties

19th Amendment

Deepak Sharma

Roaring Twenties


Format: Marble blue 12” and digital

Release Date: April 15th (vinyl) / May 6th (digital)

Mastered by Gio at Artefacts Mastering Studio, Berlin DE

Distributed by Triple Vision, Rotterdam NL

Graphic concept by Steve Kirn, Washington DC

Layout by Noey Lopez, Houston TX


A1. Roaring Twenties

A2. Roaring Twenties (Inigo Kennedy Remix)

B1. Lost Generation

B2. 19th Amendment

The Roaring Twenties is hopeful time for peace, a burgeoning economy, with progressive rights for all.  A humble group of artists continues to create, share and evolve.

Roaring Twenties offers three mesmerizing rolling bass groove tracks by Deepak Sharma centered around being powerful and effective late-night DJ tools.  Included is a potent, raw remix from Inigo Kennedy.

Side A begins with Roaring Twenties, its looping and hypnotic design will catch dancers immediately as they feel it through unyielding, timely percussive changes.  Techno dignitary Inigo Kennedy offers an organic, stripped down and forceful remix that will push dancers through the night.

Side B begins with Lost Generation, its capacious feeling of clutching groove, polyrhythms and texture will instantly grip dancers.  19th Amendment is a juggernaut of strength and power.  It’s groove intensifies as sinister percussion flows.