Hidden recordings launches new experimental project, ‘B Sides’.

Launched in 2015, ‘B Sides’ focuses on the experimental side of Hidden Recordings.  For many years and larger than any single genre, we have provided quality house and techno with carefully curated releases from remarkable artists all over the world.  It’s a natural progression to expand further and provide a platform that enables artists to free themselves from the confined sonic boundaries that others may have given them.
The name ‘B Sides’ is inspired for our love of vinyl and pays homage to those who relentlessly search for that unique track.  Many a times, the ‘B Side’ would offer an offbeat choice and was usually overlooked by most.  ‘B Sides’ captures that exciting moment, when one finds something special and can’t wait to play it.  Yes we know these are different times, but the principle and feeling remain the same from those who know vinyl.
Release Dates:
B-Sides 001 Yuuki Sakai April 20th 2015
B-Sides 002 Dieter Krause May 18th 2015