Deepak Sharma

The brainchild and mastermind behind Hidden Recordings, Deepak first began the label as a means to take the duo’s music to the public.  A decade later, through a steady stream of consistent releases, the label continues its ascent into one of techno’s most respected and forward thinking labels.

As a producer, Deepak wide range with Dieter is on display exemplified by their remix of A. Trebor’s Quemadura del Sol played by Adam Beyer at Berghain and featured on Drumcode Radio.  Conversely, the DJ Qu remix of their well-known and beloved release, “Wolkenreise” was licensed by RA’s #1 2012 DJ, Seth Troxler for his NRK Lab03 mix compilation.

As a DJ, he’s left many with ear-to-ear smiles, sweaty bodies and sore feet through his unrelenting deeper techno style topped by a touch of soul to bring unique warmth to a heavy big room sound.  He’s travelled all over the world and North America for shows, always leaving fans asking for more.  If you want to get the essence of what he’s all about as a DJ, pay a visit to the label notorious label night, appropriately named Rough and Tumble where you hear him play longer sets well into in the early hours.  On a larger scale, a few highlights include being invited to play Electric Zoo 2011, BPM Festival 2011, Official Movement After-parties and a memorable closing set at the Great American Techno Festival 2012.

As the label’s lead, Deepak looks to expand the list of cities and continents to bring a face to the label in the future.