Yuuki Sakai [039HR] Di Go


Hidden Recordings is proud to present Yuuki Sakai’s ‘Di Go’, an inspirational and unforgettable story-telling journey into the broad continuum of techno. Known for unrelenting drums and cavernous tracks ideal for warehouses, he demonstrates a widespread palate of sound, calling upon all his talent to assemble a timeless release. The theme throughout the release is his mesmerizing control of sound design by layering textures and atmospheres to effectively create subtle shifts in mood, humanizing an often-mechanical genre.

Wise beyond his years, the young Tokyo artist is fast rising amongst his peers and is definitely one to watch for.



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 A1. Di Go:

Yuuki’s trademark heavyweight drums arise into a tribal march with the magic lying in the subsequent flow. A cryptic murmur tugs at the push of the drums, presenting an element of contrast that opens up a menacing percussive knock that aligns with hard-hitting tribalism. When the murmur returns periodically, it intensifies the atmospheric tension that sits nicely within the mix.


A2. Uo Ta:

Spatial artifacts stab and open fluidly to enable mind-expansion, guiding heady chaos into a widespread crescendo, freeing then rebuilding through the dubby flow.


B1. Oa Pala:

A seedy underbelly of crackling grit and sizzling filthiness, relieved only through gripping melodies that drift in and out of consciousness.


B2. Jam Ea:

Hypnotic grooves lock immediately within a multi-dimensional, ever-shifting evolution of perfectly timed abstract soundscapes, testing the cerebral fortitude of the strongest.


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